Mantaining Refinished Surface

Follow these tips to ensure a long lasting finish

After the surface is refinished, it requires at least 24 hours before it can be put back to light usage. We will leave a door hanger with detailed instructions and exact date the surface can be put back to use. To prevent damage, do not touch or place items on the refinished surface until the date indicated.
Do not clean with anything that contains bleach or acid. These products include but are not limited to Ajax, LimeAway, X-14, and Fantastic. Also, any drain clearing liquid must not come in contact with the tub.
While curing, fine lint, hair, and other airborne particles may settle upon the refinished surface. Do not attempt to remove these particles. They will “wear of” during normal use.
After the curing is complete, we recommend only the use of cleaners that are safe for use on fiberglass and acrylic surfaces. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the surface after cleaninig.
Do not use bathmats or any other non-slip additions, as they will both harm the finish and void the warranty.
Do not use ScotchBrite or other abrasive scrubbing pads on the refinished surface. A soft sponge or towel may be used to assist with cleaning.
The full curing time for all of our products is 10 days. While it fully cures, the surface can be used. However, refrain from using any cleaning agents on the surface besides soap and water.
Avoid dropping sharp or heavy objects on the finish, as this may cause it to chip. If this happens, contact us immediately to prevent further damage. ®