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Terms: With approved credit, invoices are due 30 days from invoice date. A finance charge at the rate of 18% per annum is charged on past due invoices. Central Tub Refinishing, Inc. may apply payments against Accountholder’s open charges at Central Tub Refinishing, Inc.'s sole discretion. Credits not used within 120 days may be applied against outstanding balances or rescinded and Central Tub Refinishing, Inc. shall have no further liability for such credits. Accountholder certifies that it is solvent and that it will immediately advise Central Tub Refinishing, Inc. if it becomes insolvent. Accountholder agrees to provide Central Tub Refinishing, Inc. written notice of any sale of its business or changes in ownership or form thereof at least five (5) business days prior to such change.

Law and Venue: Accountholder agrees to pay Central Tub Refinishing, Inc. all costs and expenses of collection, suit, mediation, arbitration or other legal action, including all actual attorney, legal, and court fees incurred as a result of the commercial relationship between them. Accountholder waives any and all privileges and rights which Accountholder may have relating to venue. All sales shall be deemed to have been made at Central Tub Refinishing, Inc. address in New Jersey, and this agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey. Accountholder agrees that if any legal action is instituted, jurisdiction and venue shall be proper in the appropriate courts in New Jersey, including, without limitation, Burlington County, and expressly consent(s) to the jurisdiction of any court located within that state, or at the sole option of Central Tub Refinishing, Inc., the venue of the State where the sale occurred. Accountholder hereby expressly waives any right to trial by jury.

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